Your Brain’s Size and Your Migraines

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A Study on the Size of Your Brain

According to a recent study published on May 22 in Neurology, the size of your brain may effect whether a person’s migraine headaches also become depressed. Those people with smaller brains who deal with that debilitating pain in their head are more prone to deal with depression.

The author of the study, Dr. Larus S. Gudmundsson, a researcher at the National Institute on Aging and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, in Bethesda, Md. said, “Our study suggests that people with both migraine and depression may represent a unique group from those with only one of these conditions,” of the study in a news release.

Though, this was not the only study to report such findings in recent years. According to another study that was published in Radiology, the intensity of migraines is heightened because there is less tissue over the part of the brain that processes pain. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported in November of 2012 that women migraine sufferers were more likely to have small lesions on their brains.

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The Upper Cervical Good News

All of that is the bad news, but there is good news to report. Upper Cervical Chiropractors from New York have used an upright MRI to demonstrate a misalignment in a person’s upper cervical spine alters the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF)–fluid  that lubricates the brain and spinal cord—to, from, and through the brain.

According to this and prior upper cervical studies of migraine headache sufferers, the obstruction that causes this debilitating pain is due to a misalignment in the upper neck vertebrae. That misalignment causes a backup in CSF flow and blood that can increase intracranial pressure. Correcting that misalignment using upper cervical procedures reduces the pressure by 28.6%, thus allowing for the CSF flow to normalize.

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