Fibromyalgia: Exercise is the Best Medicine

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Medication Covers Symptoms

If you suffer from Fibromyalgia, we understand the pain you are going through. We also understand you don’t want to live with that pain. The good news is you don’t need to live with it. Though, it’s important to note that while medical doctors may give you medication to alleviate the pain, that medication will only cover the symptoms.

While covering the symptoms may help you feel better in the short term, your pain will come back and more permanent problems may follow. It’s important that you receive the proper care from an upper cervical specialist, but it’s equally as important that you partner with your NUCCA chiropractor to help you regain full mobility.

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Below are some exercises you can do that will help you progress in the healing process. Though, please note, that it is important that you consult with your NUCCA specialist before you do any of these, or any other, exercises:

Fibromyalgia Exercises

  • Walking – Start by walking for five minutes a day for the first week and increase it in five minute intervals until you are able to walk 20­30 minutes a day. Make sure to take smaller steps and walk on flat surfaces.
  • Stairs – Climb a flight of stairs or use a stair climbing machine. Make sure to take small steps and to only climb a minimal amount of stairs until you are able to comfortably climb more.
  • Garden – This will help you relax and gently stretch your muscles, and fresh air is always good for us.
  • Strength Training – Rather than weights, it is best to use an elastic band. This will allow you to increase or decrease tension as you are comfortable.
  • Cycling – You will want to start out at a slow pace, just to get your muscles moving. Though, make sure not to strain yourself.

There are plenty of other exercises you can do to help you increase your mobility. An upper cervical specialist will place you on a plan, including an exercise program, that will reduce your pain and the effects of Fibromyalgia.

Remember, it’s important to start out by stretching before you start any of these or any other exercises. Stretching will warm up your muscles and minimize the pain caused by your Fibromyalgia. Stretching will also help you increase your range of motion, lubricate your joints, and deliver nutrients and oxygen to your muscles.

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