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Whiplash, Neck Injury, Upper Cervical, Whiplash ReliefBeginning the Whiplash Healing Process at Home

So, perhaps you were recently in an auto accident or you suffered another type of accident that resulted in whiplash. Now, you want to know what you can do to alleviate your pain. Well, you will definitely want to have an upper cervical chiropractor examine your upper neck vertebrae before too long.

Though, we understand that you might not be able to make that appointment right away, or perhaps your appointment’s a few days away. And you can’t wait. You don’t want to suffer through that pain in your neck for another day. You want relief now.

Well, it’s important that you get checked out, but we thought we would give you some things you can do at home to relieve yourself of that pain until you are able to see your upper cervical specialist.


  • Ice – Apply ice to your neck for no longer than twenty minutes once every hour for the first 48-72 hours. Make sure to use a paper towel or cloth to prevent direct contact with your skin, so you don’t get frostbite.
  • Motion – Limit motion of the head and neck, so as not to make the injury worse. Make sure not to use a neck brace unless your upper cervical chiropractor says to wear it.
  • Limit Activities – This goes along with not moving your head or neck in such a way that could overextend it, but be sure to take the weekend or week of from any type of sport of activity that may make the pain worse.

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Overcoming Whiplash

Now, these are tips to lessen the pain, but they will not cure the pain. Oh, there is one other thing that may lessen the pain, but it also won’t cure the pain. That’s medicine. If you had to go to the emergency room, or if you’ve gone to your physician, there’s a good chance they prescribed medication to you. All that does is cover the symptoms of your pain.

The only way to go through the healing process after you experience whiplash is to allow an upper cervical chiropractor to examine your neck for any misalignments that may be the underlying cause of your pain. Misalignments in the upper neck are frequent and are difficult to correct. Precise three dimensional x-rays are necessary to fully evaluate the alignment of the upper neck and correct the problem.

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