How to Successfully Treat Vertigo in Graham WA

Vertigo, Dizzy, Spinning, Meniere's Disease

If a person ever gets the feeling that they are spinning, or the things around them are spinning even though they are standing still, he or she may have vertigo. Vertigo can come on quickly and immediately go away or linger for a few hours or days. Some people become nauseated, vomit, have headaches, and experience double vision. This can greatly affect a person’s life whether they are at home or at work when it happens.

Vertigo is one of the top reasons for emergency room visits. It is recommended that if a person has this symptom that they do get it checked out by a medical professional. It may only happen once, which would be a good thing, but it is important to rule out a stroke, multiple sclerosis, or a brain bleed.

Once it is determined that it is not a serious medical emergency, there are options to consider. A medical doctor will probably recommend medicine such as beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, or tricyclic antidepressants. These drugs may help with the symptoms, but keep in mind that they are only masking the underlying cause. What might this be?

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Getting to the Root of Vertigo

Many medical doctors overlook the cause of vertigo while treating individual symptoms. All of the body’s nerves come from the brain through the upper cervical spine at the top of the neck. The top bone of the vertebrae is called the atlas bone. Falls, injuries, and accidents, even from a long time ago, could have caused injury to the atlas bone since it is very susceptible. A misalignment of this particular bone can cause a majority of health problems, vertigo being one of them. A gentle, but effective, readjustment to this area of the neck can restore proper function and decrease the symptoms of vertigo. The nervous system can begin functioning properly once again, and healing will begin, resulting in the patient feeling much better. Vertigo symptoms have gone away entirely in some people with no medications involved.
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