Meniere’s Disease Does Not Discriminate

Meniere’s disease can hit anyone at any time. In fact, actress Kristin Chenoweth is known to suffer from it. She lives day to day, unsure when it may flare up. She tweeted that she would like to eliminate Meniere’s disease. The symptoms of Meniere’s disease are:

  • Tinnitus – ringing in the ears
  • Vertigo – the sensation that the person or things around him are spinning
  • Nausea
  • Hearing loss – temporary initially, but can progress to permanent

There is a possibility that Chenoweth’s Meniere’s began when she was injured on the set of a TV show in July of 2013. A lighting rig fell and hit her on the head causing a concussion, a fractured skull, 3 cracked teeth, and injuries to her ribs, neck, and hips. More-than-likely, the head and neck trauma led to her symptoms of Meniere’s disease.

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Where Can Meniere’s Sufferers Turn for Practical Help?

One area of care that has seen much success is that of upper cervical chiropractic care. We understand the importance of a healthy neck and spine in connection with a healthy body. Head or neck trauma can lead to a misalignment of the C1 (atlas) or C2 (axis) vertebrae. This area of the neck is particularly susceptible to injury due to its movability and range of motion. A misalignment here places pressure on the brainstem, causing communication to and from the body to be hindered. The central nervous system cannot function at its optimum, blood flow and cerebral spinal fluid flow are disrupted, and the body begins to have a number of problems, potentially including conditions like Meniere’s disease.

At Advanced Spinal Washington, once we detect where the misalignment is, we can work with our patients to correct the problem on an individual basis. We use a gentle technique called NUCCA that does not involve popping or twisting the spine. Rather, this scientific method helps the bones of the neck to correct themselves more naturally, ending up with longer lasting results. Those results may include relief from Meniere’s symptoms.

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