Migraines Affect All Age Groups—Even Children

Migraine, Migraines, Headache, Headaches, Head Pain, Migraine Headaches, Migraine Relief, Headache Relief, Tension Headache, Tension Headaches, Migraine Headaches, Migraine Headaches ReliefSurprisingly, 10% of children that go to school have migraines. More than 50% of these have their first episode before the age of 12. Even babies can suffer from migraines! Research indicates babies as young as 18 months may get migraines. Is a migraine more than a bad headache?

A headache is one symptom of a migraine. Migraines are actually a neurological disorder. Some other symptoms noticeable in children are:

  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting and/or nausea
  • Sensitivity to touch, sound, light, and odors
  • Abdominal pain
  • Changes in mood

With children, migraines tend to be shorter and occur less often than adult migraines. However, the pain can be just as severe. This can truly impact a child’s life quality. Where do most people turn for answers?

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Unfortunately, there is not a solid formula that works when it comes to intervention with medication. What helps one, does not necessarily help someone else. Some doctor recommended drugs for children fall into the following categories:

  • Antidepressants
  • Anticonvulsants
  • Beta-blockers
  • Antihistamines
  • NSAIDs
  • Calcium channel blockers

Often, a combination of these may bring some relief to the child. However, they all come with unwanted, and possibly dangerous side effects. Instead of treating the root cause of migraines, they treat the symptoms after they occur. However, this means that a migraine may recur at a later date, and more medication may be needed to cope. Parents may wonder if there is any natural way to help that will not cause any harm to a child. The answer is yes.

Migraines in Children Relieved by Upper Cervical Care

A recent study involved a teenage girl who was suffering from migraines. She received upper cervical chiropractic care to correct a misalignment she had in her upper neck vertebrae. The results? She got her life back and no longer had severe migraine headaches! This is due to the fact that a misalignment of the upper neck vertebrae can put undue pressure on the brainstem, and this can be the right environment for a migraine to occur. The NUCCA technique is gentle and safe for children and adults and has a high success rate in helping those suffering from migraines.
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