Migraines and Heart Disease – Is There Really a Link Between?

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As many as 10% of all people worldwide suffer from migraines. In the USA, 1 out of every 10 people suffer with them, women being 3 times more likely to get them than men. That means that about 36 million Americans have migraine headaches. This is a staggering number and very distressing to those that are among it.

Migraines are extremely hard to diagnose and treat. They can affect anyone, even healthcare workers. New research reveals a disturbing fact. It seems that those of us that get migraines along with an aura are at a higher risk to develop heart problems than those that do not experience an aura with their headaches. Those without aura have been proven to have a resistance to heart disease on a higher level. No one has discovered the cause of this; however, migraines are related to the blood flow to the brain. If this is hindered by a misalignment of the neck, it can cause migraines. What can be done for this?

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Many are looking for a more natural remedy for migraines. Medications have proved worthless in some cases and come with unwanted side effects. On the other hand, upper cervical chiropractors have seen great success in treating patients with migraines. We understand how a misalignment of the top two vertebrae of the neck can cause unnecessary health problems, including migraines.

The atlas bone, the top bone of the vertebrae, is thought to be one of the most vital structures in the body as it lies where the brainstem and spinal cord meet and, in turn, connect to and influence the rest of the body. If the atlas is not in proper alignment, this can restrict the blood flow to and from the brain and body, resulting in migraines.

Once corrected by an upper cervical chiropractor, many have seen a decrease or even elimination of their migraine headaches. A study revealed that a group of 100 people saw improvement in their symptoms after chiropractic care of this sort. Soon migraines can be a thing of the past if a person seeks out our care.


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