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Billions of Headaches

There are approximately Seven Billion people in the world, and it is estimated that about 46% of all of those who are adults suffer from an active headache or migraine disorder. The difficulty of these neurological conditions lies not only in those who suffer from them, but also for those in the medical community who try to address them.

Finding the cause:

Though, there has been scientific documentation that the primary cause of migraines is in the brainstem. That is a portion of the brain that connects the brain to the spine, through which the brain sends signals to the body.

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Within the brain are pathways that control the flow of blood and neurology. Both of which can be distorted due to injuries caused by the instability of the upper neck, also known as the upper cervical spine, which consists of the top two vertebrae in the spine.

What can be done?

While there are various treatment options for those who suffer from migraines, most of them are very infective. The good news is that there is an option that offers significant results, but it will mean trusting your care to someone who won’t give you medication.

Since your migraine pain is the result of a misalignment in the upper cervical spine, realigning your spine can reverse the affects of that misalignment. This process begins when you allow an upper cervical chiropractor to examine your neck for any misalignments that may be the underlying cause of your migraines.

If they find any misalignments, they will make any adjustments to your upper cervical spine. This will alleviate any pressure on the brainstem, thus allowing the brain to communicate with the body. The spine will then correct itself and the body will begin to heal itself.

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