Natural Relief from Headaches in Graham, Washington

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Migraines and headaches are a global problem. In fact, one study estimates that nearly half of the world’s adults have a problem with headaches or migraines.1 These conditions are difficult for health practitioners to both diagnose and treat.

Why Headaches Occur

Understanding the cause of headaches and migraines is an important part of finding genuine relief. Research has shown that headaches and migraines are directly linked to brainstem problems.2,3

  • Headaches can be caused by reduced blood flow
  • Neurological pathways can become distorted when the brainstem is not functioning properly
  • C1 and C2 misalignment can affect flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid
  • The C1 and C2 can easily become misaligned due to head or neck trauma

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Graham Migraine Specialist

Natural Relief is Available in Graham, Washington

Dr. Craig Lapenski is an upper cervical chiropractor in Graham, Washington. Upper cervical chiropractic involves gentle adjustments to the C1 and C2 vertebrae. This specialized approached relieves pressure in the brainstem and increases the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and blood.

Dr. Lapenski uses diagnostic imaging and a thorough examination to determine the alignment of a patient’s C1 and C2 vertebrae. Then, precise adjustments can be performed to begin the healing process. Research shows that as many as 85% of patients get relieve within one month from the start of treatment.4



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