NUCCA Side Effects: What You Need to Know

Just about everything we do and any medical treatment we receive comes with the possibility of some negative side effects. Just walking out the front door in the morning comes with a certain amount of risk, but in most cases we all get by just fine. When it comes to NUCCA, an upper cervical specific chiropractic approach, sure, there are some possible risks, but they are usually minimal. How likely is it that you’ll experience negative effects? That varies person to person.

Side Effects Due to Retracing

In most cases, especially when they’re related to upper cervical related problems, health issues don’t happen overnight, it’s usually a steady decline, brought on by head and/or neck misalignment and in these cases, NUCCA care can help you retrace your steps back to optimal health. During this process, the body can cause some symptoms, however, they are typically a sign of transformation and repair. If the side effects are indeed brought on by the retracing effect, while uncomfortable, it’s a positive thing because it’s an indication that your body is healing itself and the side effects will eventually subside. The best way to think about retracing is it is your body’s way of detoxing as part of the healing process.

Not a Retracing Issue

If your NUCCA side effects aren’t due to retracing they could be the symptoms of a condition that’s not related to upper cervical issues. If this is the case, NUCCA won’t be able to solve the problem, meaning you should do a little more research or make an appointment with your primary care physician. The problem could also be related to chiropractic care that was performed incorrectly due to a lack of experience and the doctor’s part including analysis mistakes, incorrect x-ray placement or patient positioning.

NUCCA – a Worthy, Non-Invasive Chiropractic Approach

In conclusion, this article wasn’t meant to deter you from receiving this very effective form of chiropractic care; in fact, in most cases NUCCA has been shown to be highly effective for a number of health conditions ranging from migraines to vertigo and multiple sclerosis symptoms. If side effects do occur, they’ll more than likely be soreness and aching in various areas of the body (not even as bad as you probably feel after exercising) but as mentioned above, this varies from person to person. The fact is that upper cervical care is extremely low risk because it’s a gentle procedure and has over 80 years of proven clinical benefits behind it, far outweighs the minimal risks. It’s also important to consider all of the severe side effects that come with most prescription medications and costly, invasive medical procedures.

So if you’re considering NUCCA, choose a well-trained, experienced doctor with a stellar reputation to ensure that you are in good, highly qualified hands. Be sure that they are easy to communicate with as well and let them know about any changes you experience following care. If your chiropractor is tuned in to your specific health problems, they will be able to try slightly different approaches to your chiropractic care that could make all the difference.

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