Odd but True Facts About Migraines and Where to Find Relief


Migraines are quite common in today’s fast-paced world. No matter how common they may be, they still sap a person of his energy and affect one’s quality of life. Not only is the person affected but his friends and family can also be negatively impacted when he is suffering. Someone may think they know all there is to know about migraines, but there are some little-known facts that one may not have heard.

  • When one has migraines, he is at a greater risk for a heart attack, stroke, or another cardiovascular event.
  • It is common knowledge that stress can bring about a migraine. However, the opposite is also true. Destressing can be just as dangerous for migraine sufferers. As one relaxes, hormones change, and a migraine may occur. This is called a let-down migraine.
  • Weather changes are also known to be a reason for migraines to happen. Interestingly, a study in Missouri and Ohio showed that migraines were triggered when there was a lightning storm nearby. This could be connected to barometric pressure and humidity.

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Caring for Migraines

Most family doctors will recommend sleeping off a migraine in a dark room, taking over-the-counter or prescription medication, and keeping a migraine diary to identify potential triggers. While these have been seen to help in some circumstances, they do not help long-term. For example, medicine can ease the pain but cannot stop attacks. Bed rest will help while a migraine is happening but another one may be just around the corner. Even if one identifies and avoids most triggers, a migraine will still happen now and then.

Alternative Care for the Pain of Migraines

At Advanced Spinal Washington, we help our migraine patients by focusing on the bones of the top of the spine. The atlas (C1) and axis (C2) are susceptible to misalignment due to their shape and position. This type of misalignment can hinder the body and brain from communicating properly, leading to migraines in some people. We correct this with a gentle technique that helps the bones realign and communication to be restored, often resulting in relief of migraine symptoms.

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