Asthma Testimonials

Do you or your loved one suffer from asthma or allergies? It might sound strange, but NUCCA could be able to help you. Here’s what others found after undergoing treatment at Advanced Spinal Care.

Within my first month of care at Advanced Spinal Care, my neck and low back pain were phenomenally better. I could turn my head farther than I had in years and I no longer had pain into my leg. I also noticed that my allergies were getting better, and by May I wasn’t having any allergy symptoms. My whole life I suffered from severe allergies. That was awesome!


In about three months of starting care I began to see my allergies improve and the other symptoms gradually improved to the point where all of a sudden I realized that they weren’t bothering me. My allergies are very minimal as long as I’m in alignment, as are my neck, back, knees and irritable bowel syndrome.


I’m just a kid so my mom filled this out for me.  I had really bad asthma when we first started coming to see Dr. Lapenski.  I used to wheeze and need a nebulizer a lot.

My parents really noticed a difference on how much I was wheezing and how often I needed a breathing treatment with my nebulizer.  I am now doing extremely well with very little signs.

Brycen H.

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