Children Testimonials

We love treating children at Advanced Spinal Care. It is our pleasure to improve the lives of the young men and women who come to us, and it is always surprising to families when conditions they have been told to live with vanish after a few treatments from our practitioners. Here are what just a few parents have said after having their children treated using the NUCCA procedure.

Since starting care, our son went from having chronic ear infections to only one or two, which cleared up shortly after being adjusted. His sinus problems have improved 80%, and he hasn’t had any problems with acid reflux or constipation!


Ever since my daughter’s birth she dealt with repeated ear infections, yeast infections, colds and other ‘normal’ childhood illnesses. She was put on round after round of antibiotics but not only did they not really seem to help, but I was concerned what all the drugs were doing to her little body. A family member told me to take her to see the doctors at Advanced Spinal Care and thank God that I did! My daughter not only doesn’t have the ear or yeast infections anymore but she is healthier overall. She doesn’t catch what all the other kids at school have. She is now a healthy and strong 8 year old!


Our daughter suffered from chronic ear infections, chronic sinus infections and constipation. Since bringing her in for care her symptoms have cleared up completely.


Before seeing Dr. Lapenski, all three of my little girls suffered from chronic ear infections, frequent colds and horrible allergies. They are now healthier than they have ever been. They no longer get ear infections, rarely have colds and their allergies have cleared up almost completely. It’s the best thing we could have done for them!


My son was on 8 different medications for his allergies and asthma, including steroids and weekly allergy shots. Things were so bad that he had to be home-schooled and wasn’t able to do any of the things normal kids got to do. Two days after his first correction he blew a 300 on his peak flow meter for the first time in his life! Within three months of starting care, we took him off of all his medications. After six months, we took him in for his yearly physical and his pediatrician couldn’t believe how well he was doing: his skin was clear, his lungs were clear, his sinuses were clear and he wasn’t on any medication! My son is the healthiest he’s ever been and he’s finally able to be a normal kid. I thank God everyday for bringing these special NUCCA doctors into our lives they have changed our lives in a way we never thought possible.


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