The NUCCA Difference for Fibromyalgia

Learn about the NUCCA difference for Fibromyalgia

The NUCCA Difference – Understanding Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Fibromyalgia

 Your Spine and Atlas Misalignment

             Have you ever wondered why a NUCCA doctor’s technique is gentle? Why your doctor doesn’t just twist your neck or crack your back? You’re not alone. Most people who have heard about NUCCA have these questions. Let’s take a look at what causes pain in your neck or back, Fibromyalgia and so many other health problems, and why NUCCA is the best approach.

             The root cause of pain and many other health issues is frequently due to an Atlas misalignment. The very top vertebra in your spine is referred to as the Atlas (The C1 Vertebra). When there is even a minor misalignment to this vertebra, it causes a domino effect throughout your spine and body. It is also the vertebra upon which your head sits and through which your brain communicates via your brain stem. This top vertebra, which allows us to move our neck, sits on and rotates around the Axis Vertebra (C2).

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 Understanding NUCCA

              NUCCA, as does other forms of Upper Cervical Care, primarily focuses on these top 2 vertebrae to influence the rest of the spine and ultimately the entire body. If the position of the head has been shifted from center by an accident or injury these top 2 bones which support the weight of the head shift with it. This misalignment between the head and the neck leads to compensating misalignments throughout the rest of the spinal column and imbalances throughout the body.

             So, why is there no cracking or twisting? Moving these vertebra back into place is a gentle and precise process and cannot be forced. In fact if too much force is used the body will not allow the upper neck to be repositioned in the proper place and the misalignment will persist. The point is that our bodies are designed to function in a certain way, but they can only function in the way they are designed when there is proper communication. Upper Cervical Chiropractic deals with this communication system, so the entire body receives the proper messages and functions at an optimal level.

             If you have pain in your neck or back or you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, it will be tempting to go to your medical doctor and get a shot or take whatever medication they prescribe, but that will only cover the pain. You won’t want to do that because the pain you feel is a sign of an underlying problem. Not dealing with that underlying problem could lead to even further complications, so it is important that an upper cervical specialist examine you as soon as possible. To find a Doctor in your area go to or if you are in the Graham Washington area to schedule your NUCCA evaluation, click the button below:

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