The Truth About Treating Migraines

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Migraines affect around 32 million people in the US, and the condition can have a debilitating effect on the day-to-day life of those affected, as well as their mental well-being.

The number of people affected by migraines has been steadily rising, but there is still no single cure or treatment to prevent the condition. It’s worth remembering that migraines aren’t just about throbbing headaches (though this is often the primary symptom).

People who have these kinds of headaches (usually only on one side of the head, but not necessarily) often also experience nausea and vomiting, and can become sensitive to light and sound, and sometimes see flashes of light, also known as auras or zigzagging lines of light. In extreme cases, patients can also be affected by temporary blindness.


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With such a variety of symptoms, there is no single cure. Nevertheless, pharmaceutical companies still market a range of over-the-counter treatments for migraines, such as Ibuprofen, analgesics, aspirin and NSAIDs to relieve pain.

But these medications can only temporarily help a patient and don’t treat the underlying cause of the condition. So it may come as a surprise to hear that there is one treatment that can have longer lasting results and may even prevent migraines happening in the first place – and this is the one pharma companies don’t talk about.

Long-Term Migraine Treatment in Graham, Washington

Upper cervical chiropractors examine the upper vertebrae in a person’s neck (the C1 and C2 bones) to ensure they are properly aligned. If not, their position can affect the brainstem and prevent it from communicating properly with the rest of the body, causing problems such as headaches.
Putting these bones back into their correct position ensures the body and brain are working together and should prevent migraines without the need for medication.
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