What To Expect After a NUCCA Adjustment

As NUCCA chiropractic really work?


National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) chiropractic is a specialized, safe and painless spinal correction system. NUCCA chiropractic can restore the body’s balance and reactivate its natural healing abilities. The NUCCA spinal correction is only made after a comprehensive evaluation of the patient have been carried out and after reviewing their prior health history. Combining the evaluation findings with the results of any applicable neurological chiropractic examination, X-Rays, postural measurements and temperature differential studies, the doctor will be able to determine a specific spinal correction formula to bring the spine back into a normal and balanced position.

What To Expect After a NUCCA Adjustment

After the initial NUCCA spinal adjustment, the patient typically experiences a wide range of physical changes as the nervous system responds to the structural change. The symptoms are actually positive signs that the healing process has started. In order for the body to heal itself, it needs to go through several cycles of repair which often present themselves in one or more of the following ways:

  • Alleviation of symptoms
  • Feeling relaxed and/or sleepy
  • Muscle soreness or stiffness in other areas of the body
  • Heat and/or a tingling sensation

You shouldn’t be worried if any discomfort you’re feeling moves on to another area of your body and in many cases the symptoms minimize immediately. That being said, the severity of misalignment as well as the severity of the condition determines the recovery time.

How Long Will a NUCCA Adjustment Last?

The accuracy of the NUCCA chiropractic approach provides the patient with longer lasting effects. In some cases only one or two adjustments are required to achieve optimal results, other patients may require more extensive programs in order for the initial adjustments to hold and stabilize. After the initial adjustment is made, and the spine is returned to a balanced position, the symptoms will frequently be alleviated and the body will then begin the recovery cycle where it starts to stabilize into a healthy, balanced position. As soon as the body is stabilized and starts to hold the alignment, it will take about a month to recover for every year that the spine has been out of alignment, as long as the alignment is maintained. The end result of this gentle approach is pain relief, better health, fewer visits to the doctor’s office and less money spent.

Do All People Respond the Same Way To NUCCA Care?

The answer is no but this is typical with all medical and natural treatments including medications and surgeries. There really isn’t any way to pinpoint how any one patient will react to NUCCA care or how quickly they will experience an improvement. The reason for this is due to the fact that there are a number of conditions that are specifically associated with body imbalance, those that are only somewhat related, and those that aren’t related at all. It’s only after the misalignment is corrected and it is stabilized for a period of time that you’ll know the impact the correction will have overall. Even so, the majority of patients experience relief within a short amount of time after receiving NUCCA chiropractic care.

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